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Client Testimonials

Our promise to you

Local Estate Agent is an established, fast growing and pro-active independent Estate Agent, led by experienced property professionals to provide a cost effective way to help homeowners move!

Having over 20 years experience in the property market, I have used all of my expertise and sales knowledge to provide a LOW COST, way in which we can market your property to its best potential, using the most efficient and effective sales and marketing tools at our fingertips but without the high overhead costs usually associated with your High Street Estate Agent.!

Current research and local knowledge shows me that over two thirds of buyers first search for their new home on line. The rest use other ways of searching, such as local Newspapers, sales boards, and local knowledge. Would you be surprised to know that the percentage of buyers going directly into the high street branch for their first search is the lowest of all?

This is why I feel very strongly that as a vendor you should only be paying for the most effect way of marketing your property and not high overhead costs. Our Promise to you is that we will guarantee to keep our selling costs LOW but will not compromise and quality of service and customer care.


Local Estate Agent helping you move…for less

Contact your local branch today!